Comprehensive Facility Management

At Geinsur, we offer a wide range of auxiliary services designed to ensure the efficient and safe operation of your facilities. Our team of professionals is highly trained to handle a variety of tasks, ensuring that all aspects of your facility are managed effectively.

Our auxiliary services include:

  • Support in Production and Administrative Tasks: We provide support in various production and administrative tasks, such as stocking, packaging, and basic computer operations, including programs like Word, Access, Excel, and the use of email and the web.
  • User Assistance and Information: We provide assistance and information to users about the services available in the buildings and how to use them, enhancing the overall experience of occupants and visitors.
  • Building Management and Maintenance: We take care of the opening, inspection, care, and closing of buildings, as well as the connection and disconnection of equipment, ensuring that the facilities are always ready for use.
  • Document Management and Messaging: We perform tasks related to the collection, delivery, handling, and sorting of documents, correspondence, messenger services, parcel services, and fax, maintaining an efficient flow of communication and materials.
  • Transfer of Property and Equipment: We handle the transfer of property, equipment, or work materials within the facilities, facilitating organization and mobility within the workspace.
  • Customized Tasks as Needed: We are prepared to perform any task related to the job category assigned to us, adapting to the specific needs of your facility.

At Geinsur, we understand that each facility has its own characteristics and requirements. That’s why we strive to offer personalized and flexible service tailored to the specific needs of each client. With our comprehensive focus on auxiliary services, we ensure that your facility runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on your core activities. Contact us to discover how our auxiliary services can improve the efficiency and safety of your facilities.


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