Pool Ready All Year Round

At Geinsur, we understand that a pool is more than just a leisure space; it is an area that requires continuous care and maintenance to ensure its optimal performance, effectiveness, and safety. We offer a complete pool maintenance service that includes a variety of essential tasks, divided into different categories:

  1. Preventive Maintenance: This includes planned tasks of inspection, adjustment, and cleaning to keep the pool in the best condition. These are carried out regularly to prevent problems and ensure the efficiency of the facilities and equipment.
  2. Corrective Maintenance: Involves repairing breakdowns, both urgent and non-immediate. Urgent breakdowns are attended to on an emergency basis, while non-urgent ones are planned and resolved efficiently to avoid prolonged interruptions in the pool’s use.
  3. Technical or Legal Maintenance: We comply with all current regulations and legislation regarding pool maintenance, ensuring that all installations and processes are in line with legal standards.

Among the specific tasks we perform are:

  • Emptying, Cleaning, and Start-up: We prepare the pool for use, ensuring it is clean and ready for the season.
  • Manual Cleaning and Brushing: We use pool vacuums and brush the walls and stairs to remove dirt and algae.
  • Cleaning of Baskets and Pre-filters: We keep the skimmer and pump pre-filter clean to ensure effective filtering.
  • Daily Water Control and Analysis: We carry out daily checks and physical and bacteriological analyses to ensure water quality.
  • Small Renovations and Conditioning: We make necessary adjustments and improvements to keep the pool in optimal conditions.
  • Supervision of Systems and Supplies: We check the machinery room systems and provide the necessary chemicals for water treatment, such as flocculants, algaecides, chlorine, and other products.
  • Environmental Supervision: We control the water temperature, the environment, and humidity in the pool area.
  • Cleaning and Storage of Equipment: We take care of filter cleaning and proper storage of the pool vacuum.
  • Water Measurements and Analysis: We perform regular pH and chlorine measurements, as well as complete analyses to ensure the safety and quality of the water.
  • Cleaning of the Cistern and Pool Vacuum Bags: We keep the cistern and the pool vacuum bags clean for efficient operation.

At Geinsur, our goal is to ensure that your pool not only looks good but also operates optimally and safely throughout the year. With our comprehensive approach and attention to detail, we guarantee that your pool will always be ready for you to enjoy to the fullest.

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