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At Geinsur, we combine the latest machinery technology with extensive experience and specialized knowledge to provide top-notch maintenance and improvement services for sports facilities. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the care and maintenance of natural and artificial grass fields, as well as the preparation and maintenance of paddle tennis, futsal, and other sports facilities.

We understand that each sports facility has its own unique requirements and challenges. Therefore, we offer customized services to meet the specific needs of each client, from municipalities to private sports clubs. We take pride in being considered a strategic partner by many municipalities, which is a testament to our effectiveness, reliability, and quality of service.

Some of the specialized tasks we perform include:

Selection of the right grass: We provide guidance on selecting the most suitable type of grass for each sport and level of use, ensuring an optimal and long-lasting playing field.

Management of turf adversities: We identify and treat various issues that can affect the turf, such as pests, diseases, or weeds, using effective and sustainable methods.

Land relief adjustment: We work on the adaptation and leveling of the terrain to facilitate sports practice and ensure proper water drainage.

Comprehensive turf maintenance: We carry out regular maintenance tasks that include seeding, fertilization, safe and responsible application of agrochemicals, cutting, watering, and aeration, to keep the turf in optimal condition for sports practice.

At Geinsur, we are committed to offering services that not only address the current needs of sports facilities but also contribute to their long-term improvement and sustainability. Contact us for a quote and discover how we can help you maintain and enhance your sports facilities. We are ready to take on any challenge and demonstrate our expertise in the field of sports facilities.

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